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meganlindholm's Journal

Megan Lindholm
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I am a gardener. I own part of a pigeon. His name is Look Edwin. I don't like to cook, except for making pies, cookies and jam. Every summer, I try to make at least 52 jars of jam, so I have one for each week until the jam making season rolls around again. I also try to make jam for good friends.
I do not like having to cook meals on time.
I have to cook anyway.
I have written books, poetry and short stories. I've also written children's stories. I've been a Nebula Finalist twice and a Hugo Finalist once. All nominations were for my short fiction.
My first book was Harpy's Flight. I hope that my last book hasn't been written yet.
The very best friend I ever had was a white shepherd. He is gone many years. I will always miss him.
I am a mom and a grandmother. I am also a sister, a spouse, an aunt, and a great-aunt. I used to be someone's daughter. I wish I still were.
I have let swallows fly free from my hands. I have been hugged by a faun. When I was a child, I ran with wolves.
I do not like to eat fish. Except halibut.
I am terrible at tying knots.

I also write and publish under the name Robin Hobb.

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